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We work at the intersection of Public Policy Advisory, Research and Data Solutions, and Strategic Communications

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PDAG is an idea, a commitment to foster an equitable society where evidence-based policies empower every citizen. We firmly believe that by working together, we can amplify social impact and achieve transformative outcomes at scale.

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A real-time data-driven governance transformation tool to help local governments in backward and low trust settings to drive socio-economic development through monitoring of key performance and development indicators in a transparent manner and take informed decisions.


An end-to-end intelligence and analytics platform for tracking, monitoring and providing focused insights at the lowest granularity or adminstrative units for action by Governments, NGOs, CSOs and other organisations working to address the challenge of malnutrition.


A digital skill-based workforce mobilisation solution aimed towards migrant workers in the unorganised sector by indexing and catalouging their self-reported skills and prior work experience, education, certifications, locations and implementing targeted up-skilling interventions.


A real-time survey monitoring platform to help field teams on the ground to effeciently understand data quality, track progress, dynamically plan data collection activities, and manage multiple field investigator teams.

Our Practice Areas

Governance & Political Economy

We support government institutions, policymakers and elected representatives in their pursuit of delivering good governance to the citizens through strategic public policy advisory and research. Our work explores the crucial link between the legislative and the political economy which factors and shapes public policies and outcomes.

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Labour, Mobilities and Future of Work

We aim to generate evidence, raise awareness and undertake capacity building to facilitate robust policy frameworks reducing vulnerabilities and exploitation of migrant workers, ensuring safe and responsible human mobilities.

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Climate Change and Sustainibility

We recognise the urgency of combating climate change and the necessity of empowering communities to withstand its far-reaching impacts. Through innovative strategies and evidence-based solutions, we strive to shape a resilient future where environmental protection goes hand-in-hand with economic growth and social equity. We work with a bottom-up approach which strengthens the voices from the grassroots to address complex climate concerns.

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Digital Cultures and Futures

We acknowledge the rapid digitalisation of our society and the massive growth of Digital Public Infrastructures (DPI) and Governance (DPG). Our work in this domain is focused on studying misinformation in polarised landcapes, trust in the digital media landscape, mapping pathways to mitigate digital inequalities towards an inclusive digital future.

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Sports for Social Impact

PDAG acknowledges sports as a powerful catalyst for fostering a sense of learning and leadership, particularly among underserved communities. Our endeavours are centred around investigating the impact of sports on moulding self-expression, dignity, and economic stability in youth, particularly women sportspersons from remote regions and vulnerable communities.

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Our Verticals

Public Policy and Strategic Advisory

We are dedicated to supporting our partners to navigate the complexities of public policy processes, and its designing and monitoring. Our advisory services are a nuanced undertaking of local political economy and a commitment to creating better futures for communities, industries, and nations.

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Data Solutions

At PDAG, we help develop both governance and citizen centric data platforms which help drive impact at scale. We support governments and multilaterals as product managers by identifying the needs of the users either the citizenry or the bureaucracy, as well as the larger good governance objectives of the state to co-design high impact and at-scale solutions.

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Strategic Communications

PDAG takes a 360-degree approach towards strategic communications, bringing together ends, ways and means to effectively diagnose problems, advise on the most appropriate course of action and bring coherence to communication activity. This entails end-to-end support from conceptualisation, design and strategy to media outputs and monitoring impact within the relevant space.

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Research at PDAG is driven by a focus on outcomes that are evidence-based, and data-driven and facilitate people-centric policymaking in order to drive impact at scale. Our core areas of research have been - labour, mobility and future of work, climate action and resilience, governance and political economy, and digital futures. With our research, we strive to help policymakers design and implement robust programmes for the communities they serve.

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