An Ethnographic Study of Minor Schedule Tribal Groups of Jharkhand – Baiga and Bhumij

Developing a deep understanding of the socio-cultural organisation of the Baiga and Bhumij tribes in Jharkhand

The aim of this study is to trace the social, political, and economic transitions which the Baiga and Bhumji tribal groups have witnessed across time. Using participant observation, interviews with significant community members and audio-visual media, PDAG would document their history of origin, migration, displacement, and resettlement within the state of Jharkhand. The study will be conducted across the districts of Chatra, Palamu and Saraikela-Kharasawan.

The study is funded by the Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Research Institute. Ranchi under the aegis of Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA).Chatra, Palamu and Saraikela-Kharasawan