Electing Women in Ethnically Divided Societies

Studying the impact gender-based prejudice and violence have on electoral success for women in India

With the aim of comprehending and studying the effect of factors such as caste and communal violence on electoral prospects of women in India, our team conducted ex- tensive fieldwork across 4 districts in the state of Bihar. Total of 2,500 respondents were interviewed, spread across the districts of Gaya, Jamui, Madhubani and Supaul covering 8 assembly constituencies.

The project was funded by the International Growth Centre (IGC), an initiative by London School of Economics (LSE) and University of Oxford (UoO). We worked in close coordination with our academic affiliates; Dr. Sayan Banerjee (University of Vir- ginia), Dr. Charles Hankla (Georgia State University) and Dr. Anjali Thomas (Georgia Institute of Technology).