Global Youth Opportunity Initiative

Under this international research project, we studied 1,000 youth respondents in the Ramgarh district of Jharkhand to map the youth ecosystem, with a focus on youth aspirations, challenges and employment opportunities.

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Through this project funded by the Aspen Institute, PDAG supported Transforming Rural India Foundation (TRIF) in the district of Ramgarh where the latter is engaged in piloting and grounding livelihoods’ interventions. In terms of primary data collection and analysis, our team surveyed 730 respondents across 6 blocks, over 16 focused group discussions were conducted with youth groups to map their aspirations, challenges they face, opportunities and level of digital literacy. In regard to secondary analysis, opportunity youth estimation, NEET segmentation, analysis of central or state schemes put in place to support the youth in terms of funding and policy interventions along with an employment market analysis were conducted. Additionally, KIIs were conducted with members of industry bodies and government officials.