Strategic Advisory to the Chief Minister’s Office, Government of Jharkhand

PDAG is delivering support in the spheres of public policy, research, and strategic communications to the Chief Minister’s Office, Government of Jharkhand. Focal areas include education, tribal welfare, rural development, sports, health, tourism, industries, and migration.

PDAG has signed and extended a three-year agreement with the Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Jharkhand to provide strategic communications, public policy and research support to the Chief Minister’s Office, Government of Jharkhand (CMO). During 2019-20, we worked with the government to position Jharkhand as a model welfare state defined by strong service delivery and people centric public policy. Landmark achievements included airlifting migrants from Leh and Andaman and Nicobar islands during peak COVID-19, state coming to the rescue of 23 young women who found themselves at the brink of being trafficked in Tamil Nadu, actualisation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Border Roads Organisation (BRO), Department of Labour and the Government of Jharkhand for facilitation of responsible migration, and conceptualisation of Mukhyamantri Didi Kitchen which served 6 crore meals across the state during the nationwide lockdown. The tools made available to us by social media were employed like never before. Our team supported the Chief Minister’s Office in reaching to citizens in distress through Twitter/Facebook to ensure last mile delivery of governance and redressal of citizen grievances during COVID-19. Our team played a vital role in drafting the new tourism and sports policy for the state, which are now in the last stages of finalisation. Going ahead transformation of public education is a target for both, PDAG and the Chief Minister’s Office, Government of Jharkhand. Our initial tasks in this new year include, working towards transforming the existing 5000 government schools into model schools with state-of-the-art facilities and smart-classrooms. Through the renewed partnership, PDAG is focusing upon the crucial departments of sports, tourism, education, tribal welfare, rural development, healthcare and industries in a way which helps usher in holistic development in the state of Jharkhand.