Climate Change & Sustainability

We specialise in climate change research, stakeholder engagement, and policy development. Our expertise in climate adaptation informs our work. We’re committed to collaborative, actionable solutions for a sustainable, resilient future.


Climate Resilience and Sustainability practices

Our work spans research, multi-stakeholder engagement, and policy development aimed at addressing the critical challenges of climate change and promoting sustainable development. Our current and past work demonstrates our expertise in the complexities of climate adaptation. We are dedicated to providing actionable insights and policy solutions in the evolving landscape of climate change and sustainable development in collaboration with stakeholders at all levels.

Featured Work

Conference of Panchayats (CoP)

India signed the Paris Agreement at COP 21 and committed to reduce emission intensity of gross domestic product (GDP) by 33% to 35% by 2030, pledging to increase the share of non-fossil fuels-based electricity generation, increase its forest cover along with several other measures. PDAG designed and delivered a policy advocacy and awareness campaign that would build engagement with ‘Just Transitions’ as a development pathway. The campaign includes two conferences accompanied by reports, press releases, coverage by key media platforms and an extensive social media campaign.

As part of the awareness campaign, PDAG in an ongoing partnership with ASAR, has conducted a state-level multi-stakeholder dialogue session (Conference of Panchayats – COP) in March 2022, followed by a national-level conference in June 2022, on climate change and ‘Just Transitions’ in Jharkhand. The first such COP held in India brought together various stakeholders to build a bottom-up approach at the Block and Panchayat levels. The conference also fosters a discussion around climate change adaptation strategies at the grassroots level and key issues and challenges to ensure Just Transitions in the regions impacted by coal mining.

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