Labour, Mobilities & Future of Work

Internal migration and Inter-state labour mobilities have been significant and persistent challenges. With climate change induced natural disasters on the rise, and a push towards a greener economy, labour migration as coping mechanism is expected to rise in the near future. Our work aims to gather evidence on the scale of internal labour migration, emerging sectors of future work, and new mobility corridors. 

We are interested in offering evidence based policy recommendations around establishment of inter-state coordination mechanisms, migration governance, market focused skill registry and job platforms and data infrastructure solutions using DPIs to enable safe migration practices not only for migrants but also their dependents who are often left behind.

Shaping Evidence-Based Policies FOR SAFE

and responsible mobility practices and future of work

We recognise the lack of data on internal migration and evidence-based policies for migrant workers and their families. With the aim of making migration safe and responsible, PDAG addresses these lacunae by generating evidence, awareness, and inter-state coordination to create a robust policy framework that reduces the vulnerabilities, distress and exploitation of migrant workers.

Featured Work

Safe and Responsible Migration Initiative (SRMI)

The Safe and Responsible Migration Initiative (SRMI) was conceptualised in 2021 from a NITI Aayog Workshop, Supported by the Omidyar Network India under their Resolve Initiative, SRMI was anchored within Dept of Labour, Employment, Skill Development and Training, Govt of Jharkhand, led by a consortium of PDAG, BIPP-ISB, PHIA Foundation and CMID, and was launched in October 2021.

The main objectives of this lighthouse project were to gather evidence around labour migration in the state, conduct awareness towards safe migration practices, register migrant labourers on the eShram and Shramadhan platforms, ensure grievance redressal through a 24 X 7 hotline and focus on establishing institutional mechanisms to link migrant labourers and their households to social security programmes of state and central governments. It also helped pilot the design and operations of Safe and Responsible Migration Centres (SRMCs) at source districts – Dumka, Gumla, West Singhbhum, and undertake inter-state coordination in destination regions – Kerala and UT of Leh through setting up of such centres, SRMI also undertook the Jharkhand Migration Survey 2023 and assisted in the formation of village migration registers and village migration committees.

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