Forest fires: Need to check the menace before it checkmates us
A look at how rising temperatures and erratic weather patterns intensify forest fires, especially in the Indian Himalayan Region
Changing labour pattern in Rajasthan’s stone industry
Inter-state migrant workers in Rajasthan's stone-crushing sector face heightened silicosis risks and lack healthcare access, highlighting urgent intervention needs
The Building and Other Construction Workers (BOCW) Scheme: Welfare Measures and Challenges on Ground
Migrant construction workers in India struggle to access welfare benefits under the BOCW scheme due to documentation and registration difficulties among other hurdles, preventing many from fully utilising the scheme's intended protections and benefits.
Charting MGNREGS’s Journey: Past Trends, Present Challenges, and Future Directions
MGNREGS, once a beacon of hope, now faces scrutiny due to operational challenges and declining budgetary support, necessitating urgent reevaluation for sustainability.
Inspiring inclusion: Empowering women in grassroots governance
A feature exploring women's political representation at the grassroots level, highlighting the distinction between representation and inclusion in PRIs.
Empowering MSMEs in India: Navigating mine repurposing for climate resilience
A feature that takes a look at how multilayered policymaking can help unlock the immense potential of the MSME sector in India with Energy Transitions.
A Journey from Barpeta to Lucknow: The Plight of Waste-Pickers in the City
Miya Muslims hail from Barpeta town of Assam and are part of the informal sector of waste-picking in Lucknow. They contribute positively to society, yet they are often isolated and treated like foreigners
Aspirational Blocks Programme can bolster climate resilience, mitigation and adaptation
Analysis on the rising temperatures in India, how it could jeopardise economic and agricultural productivity, with projections of significant job losses and GDP at risk.
Union Budget 2024: How do we move forward on PVTGs?
Opinion piece in Hindustan Times suggests on forward-moving approaches and possible action plans to positively address the pertinent issues faced by the PVTGs.
Budget 2024: Empowering unorganised workers
Opinion piece in Hindustan Times delving into various challenges, including major gaps in social security coverage, biases about domestic work, and about the E-Shram portal.
Do Local Gender Quotas Improve the Electability of Women at Higher Tiers?
The paper assesses how exposure to village-level female leaders elected through a gender quota affects voter support for state-level female candidates.
Burden of care work: Gender’s impact on the wage gap
Ananylsis on the over burden of care work, impacting women’s participation in labour market.
Strategies for Building Trust in News: What the Public Say They Want Across Four Countries
A Report analysing what news organisations could do to respond to declining trust and the varying ways in which different groups in select countries think about these strategies.
DisTO India Launch
Mapping digital inequalities, inclusions and skills to foster tangible socio-economic outcomes
Heart of darkness
Misplaced priorities of Jharkhand’s District Mineral Foundation
Combating Naxal-hit districts with Sports
Talent Hunt in Naxal-hit districts sparks dreams of Hockey
Absence of Inter- state coordination related to issues of migrant workers
An Indian Express detailed report reflecting on the absence of data and coordination between states on issues related to migrant workers
Lessons from Covid – Jharkhand’s first survey of Migrants
Page 1 National Edition Indian Express Coverage of State Migration Survey - Jharkhand
She Wins – Electing women in ethnically divided societies: The case of Bihar
A Policy Brief, part of the larger study conducted in Bihar
Ethnonationalist Gender Norms: How Parties Shape Voter Attitudes toward Female Candidates in India
Journal Article in American Journal of Political Sciences (APJS)
Electing Women in Ethnically Divided Societies: Candidates, Campaigns, and Intersectionality in Bihar, India
Journal Article in Comparative Political Studies (CPS)
Jharkhand aspires to forumate evidence based policymaking for its migrant workers
Coverage of Jharkhand Migration Survey and its policy impact
Cuddles Foundation
Impact Assesment Study of a Nutrition programme for Children Undergoing Cancer Treatment
Tara Mobile Creches
Impact Assesement Study of a Healthcare & Nutrition Prorgamme for Children at Urban Construction Sites
Delhi Mobile Creches
Impact Assesement Study of a Healthcare & Nutrition for Working Mother’s Children
Energy Transition to Renewable Energy
A Conference Report
Conference of Panchayats (COP) – An Alternative
A Report on focusing on grassroots institutions' understanding of Climate Change and Just Transitions
Facilitating A Welfare State Approach during Covid-19
Deep dive into policy advocacy on migrant workers welfare issues during COVID-19
Montages of Migration
Following the life journeys of migrant workers across India
State Migrant Control Room
A case study on Systemizing grievance redressal and safe return of migrant workers by a State Government
Strategic Action for Alleviation of Malnutrition and Anaemia Reduction (SAAMAR)
Tackling Malnutrition and Anaemia in Jharkhand through multi-sectoral evidence-based policy making
Sports Action toward Harnessing Aspiration of Youth (SAHAY)
Transforming youth through sports for social development
Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda Overseas Scholarship
Supporting higher education of students from indigenous and marginal communities
Aapke Adhikar – Aapke Sarkar, Aapke Dwar
A data driven citien rights and entitlements campaign for a state government
Child malnutrition in India
India loses up to 4% of its GDP due to child malnutrition - what is the way forward
Wild foods contribute to higher dietary diversity in India
Nature Journal Article exploring how wild foods from forests and common lands can contribute to food and nutrition security.
Just Transition for coal-free future
Exploring the idea of just transition from the lens of community representatives and practitioners.
Sporting Spirit Of Adivasi Women
Adivasi girls, through sheer grit and determination, are winding their way to the top in the world of sports
Lessons from Jharkhand
Indian Express Op- Ed on the need for Migrants’ database for targeted welfare delivery
Counting Migrant Workers In Jharkhand
Post-lockdown, the Jharkhand government has launched a series of initiatives for migrant labourers. How helpful will they be?
Lockdown And Rescue
Opinion Piece in Outlook India on the estimated 11 million migrant workers who took the long journey back home, laying bare some fundamental questions about justice, inclusion and equity.
Information, Awareness and Education Campaigns (IEC) for Migrant Workers
A Case study exploring efficacy of district level IEC in the three High Out-Migration Districts of Jharkhand - Dumka, Gumla & West Singhbhum in Jharkhand
She Wins – Research Project
Electing women in ethnically divided societies: The case of Bihar
Integrating Sport for Development within policy frameworks
How Sport for Development (S4D) is increasingly being acknowledged within policy frameworks in India
Beyond the gold and glory
Institutionalising and legitimising sports to enable a sporting ecosystem in favour of those who need it the most.
वह जीतती है – जातीय आधार पर विभाजित समाजों में महिलाओं का चुनाव
A Policy Blog in Hindi , part of the larger study conducted in Bihar
She Wins – Electing women in ethnically divided societies: The case of Bihar
A Policy Blog (English) , part of the larger study conducted in Bihar