We collaborate with governments, academics, multilateral institutions, and CSR groups to conduct quality research on labour migration, climate change, governance, public welfare and digital cultures with an emphasis on generating evidence for people-centric policymaking to create impactful outcomes that help inform contextual and holistic community programs.

Mapping Lived Realities

and Complex Nuances

Our research is driven by a focus on outcomes that are evidence-based, data-driven and facilitate people-centric policymaking in order to drive impact at scale. Driven by a firm belief in the potential of collaboration, PDAG has partnered with academic researchers, multilateral institutions, and CSR organisations to co-design and execute multiple research initiatives across India.

Featured Work

Jharkhand Migration Survey 2023

Jharkhand Migration Survey (JMS 2023), was conceptualised as part of Safe and Responsible Migration Initiative (SRMI). It was designed to map estimates of labour migration, motives of migration and impact on migrant households, communities, and the political economy of the state. 

JMS 2023 is the first post-pandemic state-level evidence initiative on labour migration by any state government in the country. JMS gains credence, especially in the context of the Lok Sabha Standing Committee on Labour’s recommendations, and the multiple directives from the Supreme Court, that have specifically stressed upon the need to generate credible evidence and state-level estimates on migration for targeted policy-making. 

The findings from the survey have been used to introduce a slew of policy interventions for labour migrants from Jharkhand through the drafting of a state-level policy framework on labour migration.

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