A Journey from Barpeta to Lucknow: The Plight of Waste-Pickers in the City
Miya Muslims hail from Barpeta town of Assam and are part of the informal sector of waste-picking in Lucknow. They contribute positively to society, yet they are often isolated and treated like foreigners
Integrating Sport for Development within policy frameworks
How Sport for Development (S4D) is increasingly being acknowledged within policy frameworks in India
Beyond the gold and glory
Institutionalising and legitimising sports to enable a sporting ecosystem in favour of those who need it the most.
वह जीतती है – जातीय आधार पर विभाजित समाजों में महिलाओं का चुनाव
A Policy Blog in Hindi , part of the larger study conducted in Bihar
She Wins – Electing women in ethnically divided societies: The case of Bihar
A Policy Blog (English) , part of the larger study conducted in Bihar

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